The Benefits of Loan Rehabilitation

Loan Rehabilitation is a unique type of repayment program specifically designed by federal law for defaulted federal student loans.  If your specific loans are eligible, you have the opportunity to “rehabilitate” your loan – that is, to get it out of default status and back into an active repayment status.  Unlike paying the full balance owed or settling your account, you will still have a balance owed on your student loan after you have finished the Loan Rehabilitation Program. 

Loan rehabilitation is a one-time opportunity.  That means that after you complete the Loan Rehabilitation Program for a loan, that particular loan is no longer eligible to be rehabilitated in the future if it ever goes back into a default status. 

Loan rehabilitation may be appealing to you because of the benefits it offers:

  • Your loans will no longer be in default status.
  • Your loan holder will request that all consumer reporting agencies remove the default status from your consumer credit report.
  • You may regain eligibility for remaining deferments, forbearances, and other financial aid benefits under Title IV of the Higher Education Act.
  • Administrative Wage Garnishment orders issued by your loan holder will be released.
  • The U.S. Treasury Department and your loan holder will no longer seize and apply your federal income tax refund to the balance owed on your student loan.

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