GC Services: Offering Solutions for Defaulted Federal Student Loans

Established in 1957, we are one of the industry’s leading providers of accounts receivable and customer care solutions to both public and private sector organizations. Our partnerships include clients from numerous industries including student loans.

The U.S. Department of Education and a number of Guaranty Agencies contract with us to help them collect defaulted federal student loans.  Our student lending clients place defaulted student loan accounts with us and ask for us to help them:

• Locate the borrower
• Contact the borrower and help him or her find the most suitable loan repayment arrangement available to the borrower
• Or if we cannot get in touch with the borrower, or the borrower will not agree to enter a voluntary repayment arrangement, federal law authorizes our clients, with our assistance, to garnish the borrower’s wages through the administrative wage garnishment process

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